How-To Books for Self-Improvement

How to Improve Your Conversation Skills
Do you ever feel tongue tied, nervous or unable to come up with the right words to say?  We all do!  Let this guide show you how to improve your conversational skills in all kinds of situations: social, parties, interviews, and more!  $10 plus $4 shipping.

Calligraphy Guide
What could be more impressive than an invitation done in beautiful calligraphy? Discover this long-lost art and learn how to prepare beautiful invitations, notecards, greetings, photo albums, scrapbooks, certificates and more!  $10 plus $4 shipping.

Vegetarian Cookbook
Many people are drawn to vegetarian eating for health or moral reasons.  Discover how tasty and nutritious vegetarian cooking can be!  $12 plus $5 shipping.Learn to RelaxLearn to handle the stresses of everyday living and find peace,
tranquility and harmony.  $7 plus $3 shipping.

Overcome Your Fears
Everyone faces new, unfamiliar situations such as public speaking and interviews.  Useful tips to help you deal with these situations and more so that you can face your fears!  $7 plus $3 shipping.

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